ان میرا

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ان میرا
Anne Meara 1975.JPG
آد ان میرا
قیسا بیلگی اوْیونچو
دوْغوم تاریخ ۲۰ سپتامبر ۱۹۲۹
Brooklyn, New York, آمریکا بیرلشمیش ایالتلری
اؤلوم تاریخ ۲۳ مئی ۲۰۱۵ میلادی (۸۵ یاش)
منهتن, New York, U.S.
حیات یوْلداشی Jerry Stiller (ائولی ۱۹۵۵–۲۰۱۵)

ان میرا (اینگیلیسجه: Anne Meara) آمریکالی اوْیونچو ۸۵  ایل عومر ائله‌ییب و ۲۳ مئی ۲۰۱۵ میلادی تاریخینده وفات ائدیب. ۱۹۴۸–۲۰۱۵ ایللر آراسیندا سینما ساحه‌سینده چالیشیب.

اوْینادیغی فیلم‌لر[دَییشدیر]

ایل آدی روْل نوت
1970 The Out-of-Towners Woman in Police Station
1970 Lovers and Other Strangers Wilma
1972 Irish Whiskey Rebellion Goldie Fain-Follies Star
1977 Nasty Habits Sister Geraldine
1978 The Boys from Brazil Mrs. Curry
1980 Fame Mrs. Sherwood
1984 In Our Hands Documentary
1986 The Longshot Madge
1986 The Perils of P.K.
1987 My Little Girl Mrs. Shopper
1989 That's Adequate Charlene Lane
1990 Awakenings Miriam
1992 Through an Open Window 24-minute short
1992 Highway to Hell Medea
1993 So You Want to Be an Actor Herself Short subject
1994 Reality Bites Louise
1994 The Search for One-Eye Jimmy Holly Hoyt
1995 Heavyweights Alice Bushkin
1995 Kiss of Death Bev's Mother
1996 The Daytrippers Rita Malone
1998 The Thin Pink Line Mrs. Langstrom
1998 Southie Mrs. Quinn
1999 The Diary of the Hurdy-Gurdy Man
1999 Judy Berlin Bea
1999 Brooklyn Thrill Killers 29-minute short
1999 A Fish in the Bathtub Molly
2000 Amy Stiller's Breast Herself Short subject
2000 The Independent Rita
2001 Zoolander Protestor Uncredited
2001 Keeping It Real: The Adventures of Greg Walloch Documentary
2001 Get Well Soon Linda
2002 Like Mike Sister Theresa
2002 The Yard Sale 19-minute short
2003 Crooked Lines[۱] Hard Boiled
2004 Chump Change Casting فیلم یؤنتمنی
2006 Night at the Museum Debbie
2007 The Mirror
2007 The Shallow End of the Ocean Voice of Alice 28-minute short
2008 Sex and the City: The Movie
2009 When the Evening Comes Marion Corrado
2009 The Queen of Greenwich Village 13-minute short
2009 Another Harvest Moon Ella
2014 Simpler Times 33-minute short with Jerry Stiller
2014 Planes: Fire & Rescue Winnie Voice (last روْل where she was partnered with Jerry Stiller, playing Harvey)
ایل آدی روْل نوت
1954–1955 The Greatest Gift Harriet
1954 The Philco Television Playhouse Betty Blake Episode: "Man on the Mountaintop"
1959 The DuPont Show of the Month Episode: "Oliver Twist"
1960 Ninotchka[۲] Anna ABC TV movie
1964–1965 Linus! The Lion Hearted Animated TV series, 3 episodes
1971 Dames at Sea Joan TV adaptation of stage musical (Nov. 15, 1971)[۳][۴]
1971, 1972 The Courtship of Eddie's Father Bunny Sterling / Annie Dempsey 2 episodes
1971, 1973 Love, American Style 2 episodes
1973 The Paul Lynde Show Grace Dickerson 3 episodes
1973 The Corner Bar Mae / Jennifer Bradley Cast member, 7 episodes
1974 Medical Center Rose Miller Episode: "The Enemies"
1975 Kate McShane Kate McShane Cancelled after 10 episodes
1976–1977 Rhoda Sally Gallagher 7 episodes
1977–1978 Take Five with Stiller & Meara
1979, 1981, 1983 Love Boat 3 episodes
1979–1982 Archie Bunker's Place Veronica Rooney 52 episodes
1979–1982 HBO Sneak Previews Costarred with Jerry Stiller
1983 The Other Woman[۵][۶] Peg Gilford TV movie (CBS); Meara co-wrote the teleplay with Lila Garrett
1986 The Stiller and Meara Show Canceled after a few weeks, cast member and co-writer
1987–1989 ALF Dorothy Halligan Appeared in 7 episodes; wrote one episode in 1989
1987–1989 CBS Schoolbreak Special Mrs. Salters Episode: "The Day They Came to Arrest the Book"
1988, 1993 Murder, She Wrote Winnie Tupper Banner / Mae Shaughnessy 2 episodes
1990 Monsters Episode: "One Wolf's Family"
1991 The General Motors Playwrights Theater Rose Finker Episode: "Avenue Z Afternoon"
1991 American Playhouse "The Sunset Gang" (4/5/91); Bernice Shapiro in segment "The Detective"
1992–1999 All My Children Peggy Moody 5 episodes
1992–1999 CBS Schoolbreak Special Patricia Lennon Episode: "Love off Limits"
1994 In the Heat of the Night Roda Episode: "Poor Relations"
1994 Great Performances: The Mother[۷] Mrs. Geegan PBS TV movie, Oct. 24, 1994
1994 Murphy Brown Reena Bernecky 2 episodes
1996 Homicide: Life on the Street Donna DiGrazi 2 episodes
1997 Jitters[۸] mother TV Movie
1999 After Play Writer and cast member
1999, 2002 Oz Aunt Brenda O'Reily 2 episodes
1999, 2003–2007 The King of Queens Mary Finnegan (1999) / Veronica Olchin (2003-07) 10 episodes
2001 What Makes a Family[۹] Evelyn Cataldi TV movie (Lifetime)
2001 Ed Barbara Gennacarro Episode: "The Test"
2001 Will & Grace Mrs. Friedman Episode: "Star-Spangled Banter"
2002–2004 Sex and the City Mary Brady 4 episodes
2003 Good Morning, Miami Claire's Friend Episode: "The Slow and the Furious"
2003 Charlie Lawrence[۱۰] Pauline Lawrence, Charlie's Mother Episode: "If It's Not One Thing It's Your Mother"
2004–2012 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Irene Kerns / Ida Becker 2 episodes
2006 Four Kings Ruth Episode: "Pilot"
2009 Mercy Estelle Thalberg Episode: "The Last Thing I Said Was"
2009–2010 Wonder Pets! Granny Jenny / Linny's Grandmother 2 episodes
2010 Gravity Mrs. Talbot Episode: "Old People Creep Me Out"
2011 Rip City[۱۱] Myrt TVLand sitcom pilot that did not sell


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اینگیلیسجه ویکی‌پدیاسی‌نین ایشلدنلری طرفیندن یارانمیش«Anne Meara»، مقاله‌سیندن گؤتورولوبدور.( ۲۱ دسامبر ۲۰۱۷ تاریخینده یوْخلانیلیبدیر).

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