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بؤلمه:ویکی‌پدیا قوْورونان شابلونلار

ویکی‌پدیادان، آچیق بیلیک‌لیک‌دن

This category contains templates which have been fully or template protected. This is usually done to prevent vandalism to templates that are used on a large number of pages, or on very visible pages such as the آنا صفحه (so-called "high-risk templates"), as vandalism to such templates would be very noticeable. Full protection prevents a page from being edited except by administrators. Template protection also allows editing by template editor.

Note: The protection icon is automatically added by the recommended {{documentation}} template.

For a large notice, add {{Pp-template}} to the template. This should only be done if the page is in fact protected – adding the template does not in itself protect the page. Be careful to place this inside <noinclude>...</noinclude> tags, so that articles that transclude the template shouldn't get added to this category as well.

To view a complete list of protected pages, go to Special:ProtectedPages.


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