دوروتی مالون

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دوروتی مالون
Dorothy Malone - Written on the Wind - Studio Publicity Photo.jpg
آد دوروتی مالون
قیسا بیلگی اوْیونچو
دوْغوم تاریخ ۳۰ ژانویهٔ ۱۹۲۵ ‏(۹۴ یاش)
Chicago, Illinois, آمریکا بیرلشمیش ایالتلری
حیات یوْلداشی Jacques Bergerac
اۇشاقلاری 2

دوروتی مالون (اینگیلیسجه: Dorothy Malone) آمریکالی اوْیونچو ۱۹۴۳–۱۹۹۲ ایللر آراسیندا سینما ساحه‌سینده چالیشیب.

اوْینادیغی فیلم‌لر[دَییشدیر]

ایل آدی روْل نوت
1943 Gildersleeve on Broadway Model (uncredited) [۱]
1943 The Falcon and the Co-eds Dorothy Co-ed as Dorothy Maloney [۲]
1943 Higher and Higher Bridesmaid (uncredited) [۲]
1944 Seven Days Ashore Betty - Pianist (uncredited) [۲]
1944 Show Business Chorine (uncredited) [۲]
1944 Step Lively Telephone operator (uncredited) [۲]
1944 Youth Runs Wild Girl in Booth (uncredited)[۱]
1944 One Mysterious Night Eileen Daley (uncredited)[۲]
1944 Hollywood Canteen Junior Hostess (uncredited)[۲]
1945 Too Young to Know Mary[۲]
1946 Janie Gets Married Sgt. Spud Lee[۲]
1946 Night and Day Nancy[۲]
1946 The Big Sleep Acme Book Shop Proprietress[۲]
1948 To the Victor Miriam[۲]
1948 Two Guys from Texas Joan Winston[۲]
1948 One Sunday Afternoon Amy Lind[۲]
1949 Flaxy Martin Nora Carson[۲]
1949 South of St. Louis Deborah Miller[۲]
1949 Colorado Territory Julie Ann Winslow[۲]
1950 The Nevadan Karen Galt[۲]
1950 Convicted Kay Knowland[۲]
1950 The Killer That Stalked New York Alice Lorie[۲]
1950 Mrs. O'Malley and Mr. Malone Lola Gillway[۲]
1951 Saddle Legion Dr. Ann F. Rollins[۲]
1951 The Bushwackers Cathy Sharpe[۲]
1952 Torpedo Alley Lt. Susan Peabody [۲]
1953 Scared Stiff Rosie[۲]
1953 Law & Order Jeannie[۲]
1953 Jack Slade Virginia Maria Dale [۲]
1953 Omnibus Elizabeth Episode: "The Horn Blows at Midnight"[۲]
1953 Four Star Playhouse Marie Roberts Episode: "Moorings"[۲]
1954 Young at Heart Fran Tuttle[۱]
1954 Loophole Ruthie Donovan[۲]
1954 The Lone Gun Charlotte Downing[۲]
1954 Pushover Ann Stewart[۲]
1954 Private Hell 36 Francey Farnham[۲]
1954 Security Risk Donna Weeks[۲]
1954 Four Star Playhouse Ella Episode: "A Study in Panic"[۲]
1955 Battle Cry Mrs. Elaine Yarborough (USO Manager in San Diego) [۲]
1955 The Fast and the Furious Connie Adair [۲]
1955 Five Guns West Shalee [۲]
1955 Tall Man Riding Corinna Ordway [۲]
1955 Sincerely Yours Linda Curtis [۲]
1955 Artists and Models Abigail 'Abby' Parker [۲]
1955 At Gunpoint Martha Wright [۲]
1955 Fireside Theater Marion Carney Episode: Mr. Onion
1955 Lux Video Theatre Intermission Guest Episode: "The Hunted"
1955 G.E. True Theater Eva Balto Kelly Episode: "The Clown"[۲]
1956 Tension at Table Rock Lorna Miller [۲]
1956 Pillars of the Sky Calla Gaxton [۲]
1956 Written on the Wind Marylee Hadley Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress
Nominated — Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress – Motion Picture [۲]
1956 The Loretta Young Show May Hadley Episode: "A Ticket for May"[۲]
1957 Quantez Chaney [۲]
1957 Man of a Thousand Faces Cleva Creighton Chaney [۲]
1957 Tip on a Dead Jockey Phyllis Tredman [۲]
1957 The Tarnished Angels LaVerne Shumann [۲]
1958 Too Much, Too Soon Diana Barrymore [۲]
1958 Cimarron City Nora Arkins Episode: "A Respectable Girl"[۲]
1959 Warlock Lily Dollar [۲]
1960 The Last Voyage Laurie Henderson [۲]
1960 Alcoa Theatre Ann St. Martin Episode: "The Last Flight Out"[۲]
1961 The Last Sunset Belle Breckenridge [۲]
1961 Route 66 Christina Summers Episode: "Fly Away Home" [۲]
1961 Checkmate Lorna Shay Episode: "The Heat of Passion"[۲]
1961 The Dick Powell Show Elena Shay Episode: "Open Season"[۲]
1961 G.E. True Theater Ellen Rogers Episode: "A Little White Lye"[۲]
1962 Dr. Kildare Rena Ladovan Episode: "The Administrator"[۲]
1962 The Untouchables Kitty Edmonds Episode: "The Floyd Gibbons Story" [۲]
1962 G.E. True Theater Ruth Hammond Episode: "Somebody Please Help Me!"[۲]
1963 Beach Party Marianne [۲]
1964 The Greatest Show on Earth Jeannie Gilbert Episode: "Where the Wire Ends"[۲]
1964 Fate Is the Hunter Lisa Bond (uncredited) [۲]
1964 Arrest and Trial Lois Janeway Episode: "Modus Operandi"[۲]
1964–1968 Peyton Place Constance MacKenzie
Constance MacKenzie Carson
342 episodes
Golden Apple Award for Most Cooperative Actress (1965)
Photoplay Award for Most Popular Female Star (1965)
Nominated — Golden Globe Award for Best TV Star - Female (1965–1966) [۲]
1967 Insight Edith Stein Episode: "The Edith Stein Story"[۲]
1969 Carnal Circuit Vanessa Brighton
1969 The Pigeon Elaine Hagen TV movie
1972 The Bold Ones: The New Doctors Ruth McLayne Episode: "Is This Operation Necessary?"[۲]
1973 Ironside Agatha Mott Episode: "Confessions: From a Lady of the Night"[۲]
1975 The Man Who Would Not Die Paula Stafford[۲]
1975 Abduction Mrs. Prescott [۲]
1976 Ellery Queen Carol Franklin Episode: "The Adventure of the Electric Engineer"[۲]
1976 Rich Man, Poor Man Irene Goodwin Episode: "Part VII: Chapters 10"
Episode: "Part VIII: Chapters 11 and 12" [۲]
1976 The Streets of San Francisco Julia Desmond Episode: "Child of Anger" [۲]
1977 Golden Rendezvous Mrs. Skinner [۲]
1977 Little Ladies of the Night Maggie TV movie [۱]
1977 The November Plan Dawn Archer TV movie [۱]
1977 Murder in Peyton Place Constance MacKenzie TV movie [۱]
1978 The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries Mrs. Blain Episode: "The House on Possessed Hill" [۲]
1978 High Hopes Mrs. Herzog [۲]
1978 Vega$ Mrs. Gardner Episode: "Love, Laugh, and Die"[۲]
1978 Flying High Jane Episode: "A Hairy Yak Plays Musical Chairs Eagerly"[۲]
1978 Katie: Portrait of a Centrefold Myrtle Cutler TV movie [۱]
1979 The Day Time Ended Ana Williams [۲]
1979 Good Luck, Miss Wyckoff Mildred [۲]
1979 Winter Kills Emma Kegan [۲]
1979 The Greatest Heroes of the Bible Nagar Episode: "Sodom and Gomorrah"[۲]
1980 The Littlest Hobo Elena Episode: "Guardian Angle"[۲]
1980 Condominium Molly Denniver TV film[۲]
1982 Off Your Rocker Shelley Delaine[۲]
1983 The Being Marge Smith [۲]
1984 He's Not Your Son Dr. Sullivan TV movie[۱]
1985 Peyton Place: The Next Generation Constance Carson [۱]
1987 Descanse en Piezas/Rest in Pieces (UK/Spain)[۳]
1992 Basic Instinct Hazel Dobkins [۲]


اینگیلیسجه ویکی‌پدیاسی‌نین ایشلدنلری طرفیندن یارانمیش«Dorothy Malone»، مقاله‌سیندن گؤتورولوبدور.( ۲۱ دسامبر ۲۰۱۷ تاریخینده یوْخلانیلیبدیر).

قارداش پروژه‌لرده دوروتی مالون گؤره داها آرتیق بیلگی‌لر تاپابیلرسینیز.

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