پاملا ادلون

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پاملا ادلون
Pamela Adlon at San Diego Comic-Con 2011 cropped.jpg
آدپاملا ادلون
قیسا بیلگییازیچی و اوْیونچو
دوْغوم تاریخ۹ ژوئیهٔ ۱۹۶۶ ‏(۵۶ یاش)
نیویورک, New York, آمریکا بیرلشمیش ایالتلری
حیات یوْلداشیFelix O. Adlon (ائولی ۱۹۹۶–۲۰۱۰)
اۇشاقلاری3 (Gideon, Odessa, and Rockie)

پاملا ادلون (اینگیلیسجه: Pamela Adlon) آمریکالی یازیچی و اوْیونچو ۹ ژولای ۱۹۶۶ ‏ میلادی تاریخینده نیویورک شهرینده دۆنیایا گؤز آچیب. ۱۹۸۲–گۆنوموز ایللر آراسیندا سینما ساحه‌سینده چالیشیب.

اوْینادیغی فیلم‌لر[دَییشدیر]

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Grease 2 1982 Dolores Rebchuck
Bad Manners 1984 Girl Joey
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Say Anything... 1989 Rebecca
Kiki's Delivery Service Ket Voice
English dub – Disney version
After Midnight Cheryl Segment: "Allison's Story"
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The Adventures of Ford Fairlane Pussycat
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Father Frost Marphuska
Two Guys Talkin' About Girls Tracy Direct-to-video
Plump Fiction 1997 Vallory Cox
Princess Mononoke Rice Seller, Iron Town Woman, additional voices Voice
English dub
Eat Your Heart Out Samantha
Some Girl 1998 Jenn
Waiting for Woody Voice
Short فیلم
Dirk and Betty 2000 Daisy
Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust Leila Voice
Gen¹³ Additional voices Voice
Recess: School's Out 2001 Ashley Spinelli Voice
The Trumpet of the Swan A.G. Skinner Voice
Net Worth
The Animatrix 2003 Jue, Manabu Voice
Segments: "Final Flight of the Osiris" & "Beyond"
Brother Bear Additional voices Voice
Teacher's Pet 2004 Trevor, Taylor, Tyler Voice
Lucky 13 2005
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Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue 2010 Vidia Voice
Conception 2011 Tay
Secret of the Wings 2012 Vidia Voice
Dino Time Ernie Fitzpatrick Voice
9 Full Moons 2013 Rachel Stevens
I Know That Voice Herself Documentary
Pixie Hollow Bake Off Vidia Voice
Short فیلم
The Pirate Fairy 2014 Vidia Voice
Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast Vidia Voice
First Girl I Loved 2016 Sharon
Best Fiends: Boot Camp[۱] 2017 Hank Voice
Short فیلم
Best Fiends: Visit Minutia[۲]
I Love You, Daddy Maggie
Bumblebee 2018 Sally Watson فیلم
Best Fiends: Fort of Hard Knocks[۳] Bandit Slug Voice
Short فیلم
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The Facts of Life 1983–84 Kelly Affinado
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"| Ashley Spinelli "

Episode: "Lax: Experiment #285"
Lucky Louie Kim
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Zevo-3 2010–11 Angel Voice
Louie 2010–11
Pamela Also writer and producer
The Mighty B! 2011 Murdock Episode: Gorilla's in the Misdt
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Rake Glenn Shepard
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Milo Murphy's Law Brigette Murphy Voice
Better Things 2016–present Sam Also creator
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Lego Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures 2017 Elan / Ymojin Voice
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Jeff & Some Aliens Various characters (voice) Voice
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Title Year Role نوت
Pajama Sam series 1996–2000 Pajama Sam Voice
Fallout 1997 Nicole Voice
Grim Fandango 1998 Carla, Pugsy Voice
Arthur's Thinking Games[۴] 1999 Arthur Read Voice
Arthur's Reading Games[۴] 2000 Arthur Read Voice
Escape from Monkey Island 2000 Dainty Lady Figurehead Voice
Run Like Hell 2002 Jinx Voice
LeapFrog series 2002–03 Leap Voice for the 2002 Phonics Program Series and 2003's Fiesta in the House/Town books
Final Fantasy X-2 2003 Shinra Voice
Chicken Little 2005 Abby Mallard Voice; replacing Joan Cusack
Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII 2013 Additional voices Voice
Year Nominated work Category Result Ref(s)
2016 Better Things Area of Excellence قازانماق [۵]
Year Nominated work Category Result Ref(s)
2002 King of the Hill: Bobby Goes Nuts Outstanding Voice-Over Performance قازانماق [۶]
2013 Louie Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series for Daddy's Girlfriend, Part 1 کاندید اولموش
2014 Outstanding Comedy Series کاندید اولموش
2015 کاندید اولموش
Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series کاندید اولموش
2017 Better Things Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series کاندید اولموش
2018 کاندید اولموش
Year Nominated work Category Result Ref(s)
2012 Louie Best Comedy Series کاندید اولموش [۷]
2013 قازانماق
2015 قازانماق
2017 Better Things Best New Series کاندید اولموش


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اینگیلیسجه ویکی‌پدیاسی‌نین ایشلدنلری طرفیندن یارانمیش«Pamela Adlon»، مقاله‌سیندن گؤتورولوبدور.( ۲۱ دسامبر ۲۰۱۷ تاریخینده یوْخلانیلیبدیر).

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